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England Travel Tips 
Discover the Real England   



  By Mike Valeriani
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  • Off the Beaten Track England TravelEngland Travel Tips helps you discover and travel through England and neighbouring countries. The British Isles are a fairly unknown part of the world, which hide untouched natural beauty. This
  • About England Travel... My name is Michael and I made England Travel my passion. I’m only half English, but I love this country. I grew up in Rome, Italy and since very young age I
  • English News... BBC - Politics: BBC - Business: BBC - Entertainment: BBC - Sport: <-- Previous Next --> [You are in English News. Go back to England Travel Tips]
  • Travel Advice Latest Traffic Information: The following information for England's motorway and trunk routes has been obtained by the National Highways Agency. For live traffic updates 24/7 call 08700 660 115. General Worldwide Travel Advice:
  • Photography Tips <-- Previous Next --> [You are in Travel Photography Tips. Go back to England Travel Tips]
  • Spend your Holidays in England! Spending you holidays in England might just be the best thing you do. Virtually nobody abroad knows of all the wonders it hides behind anonymity. England is a country part
  • Map of England and UK A map of England is the best place to start your travel plans. I have created sub categories according to the Regions in England, therefore for your convenience, the first
  • Are the English Crazy People? The English are not crazy people. Many foreigners that visit England and neighbouring countries leave with the idea that the people here are slightly insane. Every country in the world
  • Driving in England The very first notable diversity is that people here drive on the wrong side of the road... or as they put it with a pinch of British humour... “you drive on the
  • Pedestrian Crossings in England Why keep something simple when you can make it effortlessly more complicated? Most parts of the world have pedestrian crossings which are commonly known as Zebra Crossings. The well known British
  • Showers in England... and the Famous Two Taps Showers in England are an adventure to say the least. In the UK I've always had problems with showers... when you can find them. Traditionally the British
  • Mental Differences Police Vehicles There are a number of undefined mental differences as you travel around the world. In Italy there is a problem: there are countless police force bodies: Carabinieri, Polizia, Vigili Urbani, Finanza,
  • The Weather in England The weather in England can be challenging. It's like nothing else in the world and it does take getting used to. Due to the Jet Stream that undulates around Northern Britain,
  • Your Free London Travel Guide This London travel guide aims to help you understand this incredibly vibrant city, full of history, myths and anecdotes. So great are the differences between London and England, that I
  • Map of London Drag the Map to Move it Around: Loading... @import url("http://www.google.com/uds/css/gsearch.css"); window._uds_msw_donotrepair = true; @import url("http://www.google.com/uds/solutions/mapsearch/gsmapsearch.css"); .gsmsc-mapDiv { height : 500px; } .gsmsc-idleMapDiv { height : 500px; } #mapsearch { width : 535px;
  • Fun Days Out In London There are hundre4ds of fun days out in London and this is the place where you will find the most unknown and unthinkable. Everyone knows the classics, but few people
  • London Bicycle Rentals - the New Scam Bicycle rentals are now a reality in London. The European city with more cycle lanes, London has had a steady increase of cycle user, in spite of the
  • London Underground Control Panel The London Underground is by far the best way to travel around the capital city of England. It is the world's oldest underground system and the most expensive to use. In
  • TfL Press Releases <-- Previous Next --> [You are in TfL Press Releases. Go back to England Travel Tips]
  • The Royal Mail Underground The Royal Mail Underground is another important small network. The tube does not represent the only tunnels that London sits on. These set of tunnels run 70 feet below the surface
  • London Airports By Catherine Richard and Mike Valeriani Do you want to know more about London airports? Here's a short guide to London Airports. A vast network of airlines takes off and lands at London
  • London Train Stations I have a funny story about London Train Stations: when I first arrived in London in 1998, I found a fun job at Hamleys of London on Regent Street as Toy Demonstrator.
  • Regions of England North West North East Yorkshire and the Humber West Midlands East Midlands East South West South East Greater London <-- Previous Next -->
  • North West The north west of England includes the five counties of Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, and Cheshire. The mountains, valleys and lakeside of Cumbria are as beautiful and awe inspiring today as they
  • North East The North East is formed by the following counties: Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne and Wear, and Teesside. Present day Northumbrians have created the most spacious artificial lake, lying at the heart of the
  • Yorkshire and the Humber Yorkshire and the Humber is formed by the following counties: Yorkshire, Northern Lincolnshire and Humberside. The moors and dales that make up most of North Yorkshire spread from the Pennines to
  • West Midlands Birmingham dominates the West Midlands, being Britain’s second largest city. The area is traditionally associated with the bustling energy of the Industrial Revolution and museums today commemorate its 19th century role as one
  • East Midlands The East Midlands is formed by the following counties: Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. On the flat Lincolnshire Fens, man made features take on a special significance. Every church spire is
  • The East of England The East of England or East Anglia, is where you will find some of the best sandy beaches in the whole of Europe, other than some astonishing history. Characterized by its
  • The South West of England The mystical South West region of England is the largest of all, with a population of just under five million souls. It is the warmest part of the peninsula and
  • The South East of England The South East of England is the region that has been historically more invaded than any other one, so it possesses the most imposing and magnificent castles, like Dover Castle,
  • Scotland Scotland is the Northerly neighboring country of England and it is fully involved with its history. Even though this site is about England Travel, we cannot ignore its neighboring countries that share the same
  • Contact Any questions, answers or just want to say "hello"? Contact me! Then feel free to drop me a line or two; I'll be delighter to read your comments. Travelling in England is my passion
  • Advertise Here Advertising is essential to get people to notice your business. You can offer the very best product in the world and at the very best and competitive price, but if you don't tell
  • About Copyright Some of the images that appear on this website have been obtained from Google and I was not able to find the author. It is my intention to give full credit and a
  • Thank you for your Donations! This web site survives merely with your donations. I don't sell any goods and I don't charge people to get information. Even though I enjoy enormously helping people that want
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  • England Travel Tips gives you a lit of links that you might find useful. They all relate to England and the UK and they could all be useful to the visitor.
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