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England Travel Tips 
Discover the Real England   



  By Mike Valeriani
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Scottish flagScotland is the Northerly neighboring country of England and it is fully involved with its history. Even though this site is about England Travel, we cannot ignore its neighboring countries that share the same language, culture and habits.

Furthermore there is no visible border and the feel when going from one country to the other is the one of being in the same country. Therefore this site will attempt to cover also Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland is a truly surreal place, not only famous for the Kilts and Bagpipes, but also for truly untouched natural beauty. At times the sky in Scotland moves so fast that it looks alive; the clouds change shape right before your eyes.

A region of green plains between dark, dramatic mountains, Grampian is also the home of a series of spectacular castles, some of them (such as Balmoral - the Queen's Highland home) resounding with historical associations. Grand Country houses include Fasque, beloved by the Prime Minister William Gladstone and Leith Hall with one of the region's loveliest gardens. Spiritual foundations that welcome the visitor range from the restored 13th century Pluscarden Abbey to the Findhorn community, very much of the 20th century with its organic garden and cultural centre.

Winding routes following river valleys such as those of the Dee and the Don lead also to distilleries where age old processes can be watched, to falk museum where the past is brought vividly to life, to country parks set in the middle of magnificent Highland scenery and to nature reserves that give sanctuary to a host of birds.

Ardoe House Hotel and SpaThere is no better way to visit this part of Scotland than in proper Aberdeen hotels such as the Ardoe House, a 19th century castle transformed in a 4 star hotel. If you have to go, why not do it in style.

One of the myths I grew up with is Nessie, the monster of Loch Ness. I have never seen it... all I have seen is water, but my mother next to me guaranteed me that when she was young she saw something unusual on the surface of the lake. She couldn't tell what it was, but it was unusual. Sightings like this and even more bizarre are countless and a visit to this place is a must.

















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