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England Travel Tips 
Discover the Real England   



  By Mike Valeriani
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Your Free London Travel Guide


Old Route Master bus with Big BenThis London travel guide aims to help you understand this incredibly vibrant city, full of history, myths and anecdotes. So great are the differences between London and England, that I like to define them as two different countries. If you have visited this city - believe me when I say this - you cannot really say that you have visited England.

London is an incredible cultural melting pot, where Dickens and his superb novels are a thing of the past... as are the English people altogether. There are some parts of this metropolis where it is increasingly difficult to see English people.

Statistics show that merely half of the population of London was born in the UK. This city is believed to be the world’s most diverse and culturally extended city and it certainly feels like it.

London Travel Guide - History:

Londinium (as the Romans named it) was originally founded by the Romans about 2000 years ago. There are voices of small previous settlements, but information in regard is limited and unconfirmed, so we’ll stick with the Romans for now. Londinium soon became a great city, one of the Empire’s greatest.

Chelsea Bridge with water tower in LondonWhen the Romans first arrived, they were forced to stop at the river Thames, that at that time was a real barrier.The commander of the Roman troops ordered to build a bridge, which became the very first large bridge of the British Isles.

It might be just a coincidence that the remains of this bridge have been found meters away from today’s London Bridge.

A settlement of merchants did not take long to form around this bridge and soon Londinium became the most important city of Northern Europe, with traders arriving from the river to the heart of civilization. London was destroyed several times in history, but it was always rebuild quickly and better. The most recent massive destructions were caused by the Great Fire of 1666 and the extensive bombings of the Second World War.

London Travel Guide - Today:

London is a city in continuous evolution and the population changes on a daily basis, with thousands of people arriving and leaving from its 5 international airports and 10 major train stations everyday.

I remember once I was walking on Regent Street and an American woman asked me where the train station was. I asked her which station she meant and she replied: “the main one” as to say which else do you think... and I explained her that there are several main train stations, but she wouldn’t believe me. She left sort of upset because of my “unhelpful” attitude.

London skyline with several cranesMany cities around the world have only one main station, but people must understand that a large city like London has several of them and they are all “main”.

If we count the less important or smaller stations, the number will rise quite impressively.

London has a very fascinating way of mixing the old with the new. You will see Royal Guards wearing antique uniforms, antique buildings and many things that will bring you back in time with your mind.

But at the same time you will find yourself in one of the world’s most advanced and technological cities, where traffic lights are all controlled by a central computer that can sense the traffic levels in certain areas and act consequently on a different area. Criminals have a very hard life in this city. You will not see many policeman in the street, but don’t think they are not watching.

Today there are more cameras in the capital city spying on Londoners than there are in the whole of the United States. 13.000 buses stroll along London’s crowded roads and each one of them carries 12 recording cameras, in and out. That totals 156.000 recording cameras on the buses alone. There are cameras on trains, in the underground, in museums, offices and everyday an increasing number of roads are also covered by the so called CCTV (Closed Circuit Television).

Motion blurred London underground trainCameras around the city can be accessed by a policeman in a matter of seconds, just by typing a postcode or a road’s name.

Those cameras are extremely technological with lenses that can zoom on people’s earrings and can follow targets.

They are all connected to a central computer and they can read vehicles’ license plates. The central computer records all vehicles movements in real time, so the police can pinpoint the location of a vehicle with incredible accuracy. This is the technology we can see... imagine what we cannot see. There are hundreds of speed cameras, traffic light cameras, bus lane cameras etc.

No panic, the English are a very proud and careful people, that love to preserve the old and the antique, so you will find everything here to satisfy all of your expectations.

If you need a good London travel guide, I would suggest to get the one published by Lonely Planet, which is by far the best one around.

Not many pictures, but it is filled with good information.

After all a London travel guide needs to have the information first... why would you want to see a picture of the Big Ben when it’s there in front of you? I advise you to bookmark this London Travel Guide, so that you will be able to come back and get more free info on several topics. Visit the Wikipedia page to know more about this city.




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