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England Travel Tips 
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  By Mike Valeriani
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The Weather in England


Drawing of earth with jet streamThe weather in England can be challenging. It's like nothing else in the world and it does take getting used to. Due to the Jet Stream that undulates around Northern Britain, the weather is highly unpredictable.

The jet stream is a highly unpredictable weather phenomenon that occurs on some planets.

On earth we have four of them, two per hemisphere. They are called the Polar Jet Stream and the Subtropical Jet Stream, respectively of the Northern and Southern hemisphere.

They consist of a cylindrical shaped tube one to three miles thick, moving at a speed of about 100 do 400 Km per hour.Ever wandered why to go from the USA to Europe takes less than going the other direction? Airline companies save millions in fuel by using the Jet Stream. See a real time satellite image of England that shows when it's about to get dark.

Drawings of earth and jet stream movements

The Polar Jet Streams fluctuate between 7 and 12 Km of altitude, while the Subtropical Streams are a bit higher, between 10 and 16 Km from sea level. Wherever they move the weather changes very rapidly and dramatically.

Therefore you can't really trust the weather in England, especially up North.Generally the weather forecast is never reliable for more than five days in the future, but in the British Isles it's even worst.

Green english countryside with dark black skyBasically you can't expect good weather in England or sunshine everyday.

It does happen to have a week of continuous sunshine, but you just never know when it's going to hit, if at all.

This country is well famous for displaying four seasons in one single day. When I had heard of this saying the first time, I thought it was just one of these things people say... till I experienced it myself. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally you do see it.

I remember once I woke up and opened my bedroom curtains to see a splendid sunshine all over the countryside with a scattered blue sky. I jumped in the shower and felt so happy thinking of the bright day that was awaiting me.Well, it didn't last very long: by the time I came out of the shower the sky was all covered up and it was raining.

Parked double decker London buses with snowAn hour later, when I was driving in my car, it started snowing... a little later hail came to join the party and then it was the sun again dominating the skies.

The highest temperature ever recorder is 38.5°C (101.3°F) in August 2003 and the lowest is -26.1°C (-15°F) in January 1982.So as you can see, the weather in England is a bit crazy.

If you are not used to it, it can be stressful to say the least, but you shouldn't let the weather compromise your happy time. Take it as it comes and don't think about it. One thing worth doing is thinking that bad weather can be very beautiful and provided you are organized (maybe with a nice cup of tea and some shelter) it can be quite a nice experience.

Bad weather in England doesn't always come to harm you. For a start there are very few mosquitoes; they simply can't take the weather. I personally have never been bitten by a mosquito in this country.

Romantic walk along the River Thames LondonWhen it rains, it never does heavily, so you can easily walk in the rain without getting soaked. Rain never lasts very long, so if you choose to wait somewhere you won't have to wait too long.On top of all that, it really doesn't rain as much as people might think. Statistically speaking, more water falls each year in Rome than it does in London, much more.

Having said all this, summers in England can be very hot. As of when, only God knows. From March to October you can have very nice days here and there, but at the same time you can have quite cold days, even in July and August.

The best thing is to come equipped with at least a jumper and something waterproof, even if you come in July. I think I can say about London what a German write once said about San Francisco: "The coldest winter I ever spent, was a summer in San Francisco".

This can be particularly true for one reason: in summer time hotels turn off their central heating... because it is summer. At night it gets cold, but they don’t seam to feel it, so depending on the weather, it can be a bit cold in bed. Other than that, just enjoy the weather as it comes, it's part of the package. Visit the Wikipedia page to know more.





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