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England Travel Tips 
Discover the Real England   



  By Mike Valeriani
Regions: N West N East Yorkshire W Midlands E Midlands East S West S East

Map of England and UK

Regional map of Englnd and the UK


A map of England is the best place to start your travel plans. I have created sub categories according to the Regions in England, therefore for your convenience, the first map shows the 9 main English regions. It also gives you a very good idea of the shape and extension of this beautiful peninsula.

For the general traveller it is probably not important, but I should mention that North East of Scotland there are some islands missing on this map.

Highly detailed map of England.The second map of England is much more detailed. You can click on it to see it enlarged. Maps are great for planning. I always advice friends and family to get themselves a good map, even though everyone today travels with navigators.

I strongly advise you to use a navigator. Even though they don't always choose the shortest route, most of the times they spare you really big headaches.

The reason why you should carry also a real map, is that it is difficult to get an idea of the country with a small 3 inches monitor and sometimes you just need to see it all and big.

For amusement purposes, do an image search on internet for maps of England and you will see different maps that clearly do not agree with the regions names and their borders.

As I mentioned in the England page, it seams to be a matter of opinion how many counties England is divided into. Things have changed in history and some regions have been split, renamed, or abolished as late as 1996. Therefore when it comes to territorial matters, many people feel very strongly about their heritage.

We must not forget that England inherited a very complex and intriguing history and this is visible today not only in man made spectacles, such as castles, stately homes and gardens, but also in people's character.




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