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  By Mike Valeriani
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Are the English Crazy People?


Confusing english road signThe English are not crazy people. Many foreigners that visit England and neighbouring countries leave with the idea that the people here are slightly insane.

Every country in the world has its own peculiarities and yes, that means your country as well. You might not be aware of it, but that is simply because you are peculiar too!

In a country as old as England and with such intense history, it is understandable that a lot of tradition will have inevitably conditioned people’s habits, fashion and behaviour. Basically in every corner of the world we are what history made us and this might be amusing for people coming from different parts of the world, where they share a different history and therefore different habits, culture and fashion.

Furthermore the definition of “crazy people” is very debatable, as we are all crazy people in a way. So I find it very inappropriate to call the English “crazy people”. I am taking the time to say this, because I have heard several times tourists defining the English as crazy people.

In exploring this issue, I do not intend in any way to ridicule the English people. Instead I rather consider this to be a “study” of the English people from the eyes of a foreigner. This can be instructional for foreigners and amusing for the residents. Click HERE to see the differences between proper English and American English on an English Dictionary.

My first encounter with Britain as a grown up (and with some seriously “crazy people” in my view at that time) was in 1998; I set off to the British Isles with the idea of getting to know my other own country, where my mother was born and raised. I was tired of crazy people in Italy, so I moved on to a different kind of madness.

I was engaged by an Italian tour operator (that organized study tours in the UK) as photographer to take pictures of colleges and universities throughout the UK, as they were using them for their summer English courses. This gave me a chance to travel all over the place, expenses paid, even though in the end this company robbed me blind, by taking possession of over 2000 photographs I had taken, with no intention to pay; they never did pay me. Mean people are all over the world.

In this period of time I had a chance to meet the British people in all their glory and culture, with their positive and negative points and I had learnt to appreciate them. It was a very interesting experience that didn’t end there, as today I still live in England.

















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