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England Travel Tips 
Discover the Real England   



  By Mike Valeriani
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About England Travel...


Michael ValerianiMy name is Michael and I made England Travel my passion. I’m only half English, but I love this country. 

I grew up in Rome, Italy and since very young age I have travelled all over the world. Now I have chosen to live in England. 

What will I find in this site?

Mostly what you won't find anywhere else - well, that's the plan at least. In building this site I have concentrated on the unknown part of this beautiful country, the many places that are mostly ignored by both foreigners and English. I have also included a London Travel Guide and the "classics", as a guide wouldn't be complete without them.

If like me you were not raised in this country, then you know about England what most people around the world share: not much. Everyone has heard of Queen Elizabeth and her gossiped family, The Beetles, Sherlock Holmes and the fantastic novels of Charles Dickens.

This part of the world inherited some intriguing and very dense history and the hundreds of visitable historical sites scattered all over the place are a testimony of this. In England it is never necessary to travel far to find something that makes the journey worth while.

The country is filled with man made spectacles such as castles, cathedrals, gardens and stately homes, that are often set in untouched countryside, which makes the journey to visit them part of the pleasure of the excursion. England is mysterious and at the same time fascinating; many people far away around the world feel very attached to this land and some like the Americans or the Australians, look for their roots here.

Why is that?

We have all grown up with English fairy tales, English history, English literature and English legends: the Royal Family, Queen Victoria (1819--1901) that named an entire era, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, Robin Hood, King Arthur, etc.

Castles, cathedrals and stately homes (many of them fully decorated with antique furniture and all the rest you would expect to find in an antique property) offer a glimpse of England’s history through buildings that have changed little over the centuries. A lot of the countryside is untouched, so it won’t take much imagination to go back in time with your mind; this country gives you all the tools you need. You put in the imagination and the enthusiasm and I’ll guide you through hundreds of journey that you will remember for the rest of your life.

There are extensive National Parks that offer intact natural beauty and all of them are free to visit; England travel doesn't have to be expensive. The National Trust offers a series of memberships and benefits that include free entry to all of the properties (including parks) managed by them, free parking and much more.

It is also worth while getting a British Heritage Pass, which is only available to foreigners purchasing from abroad. This pass offers free entry to more than 580 of Great Britain’s most popular heritage sights... skipping the queue and therefore making your England travel experience even more pleasurable.

In England you can literally go on an outing every single weekend of the year and for several years, without visiting twice the same place and without ever getting bored. It is sad to think that 90% of the people that visit England only limit themselves to London, largely ignoring an entire country.

On the good side, when you get out of the capital you will find that there are very few tourists (apart from the British), compared with other popular countries, leaving you the very unusual freedom of enjoying perfectly preserved and maintained natural and historic beauties, without the downside of being among endless crowds of tourists.

So what are you waiting for to begin your England travel adventure? Get some cheap plane tickets and fly to one of England's airports with your family for the time of your life. Make sure to visit the England Travel Practical Tips page before you go anywhere. Also check out the train times page.


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